If they will not let us go
We will have to break the chains

That can not hold us for long

Hang us from the top

We run away from the ice

And run toward the fire

Blue And Red

Locked and cold

Free and fierce
You can try to take me down

But I will still stand up

For the strength is in my bones

And I can see the lost world

Beyond this storm of death

Beyond this world of torture
The earth has shattered 

But I stand on the clouds above

But the winds still rage

Nothing can stop its siege
Blowing dirt on our world

Our future was clear as glass

But now it is completely covered up

I can’t see through the darkness

Can’t see the end of this fear

It’s taking control over me

Taking the rest of my soul
I am lost

I walk one way 

but the world seems not to change

The sky is clear as day

But dark as a starless night

For I thought I was going higher

But just went deeper

That lost world 

Was a lost world indeed

It was a nightmare 

that looked like a daydream


That looked like safety

I have lost everything 

But I never had anything
It blowed dirt on our world

My future is clear as glass

It never was covered up

It always looked this dark
I live in the shadow of a bright world

The place never hit by the sun

So all you see is darkness

But I see my truth of life

I live in a lost world

Where I lost the might that I never had

I should not have broken the chains

For kept me in place

The place I used to call home

I had mistaken 

I thought the ice was a cage 

and the fire was freedom

But the ice was a creation

And the fire was a destruction 

For the ice was a shelter

And the fire was a destroyer 
What am I ?

If I am lost,I can be found

But no one can reach me in this hole

I thought I was standing on a cloud

But it was just the fog

That wraps around me in this dark abyss

But now I can see through it

And know the world I’m in
I wish I could go back

To when I had myself

For even that has been taken from me

All I have is 

my broken and beaten down body
I want to stretch out my arms

And scream at the sky

But I have no voice to give

I want to shake my fists at the earth

But the pain is to great
Don’t try to come and find me

You wouldn’t be able to see 

And even if you could

You wouldn’t be able to recognize me

I’m covered in dirt 

that was blown on me

I’m the color of ash 

from the fire that bared down on me

I’m weak

From the knowledge that sits on me

I’m blind

From the terrors I have seen in me

I’m silent

From the warnings I’ve screamed 
This is final plea

The last of my life story

Oh oh

I plea to you 

Let them hold you

Do not break the chains